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Sunday, October 7, 2012

A little update!

Hello guys!

I know I am posting after so many days, but seriously you have heard it a zillion times that I don't want to bore you by repeating why I was not posting and all that..

Now, I wasn't doing any posts shouldn't be taken as I went away from blogger and didn't read any posts or so.. I used to come and read posts almost every other day just because I like that, and find Youtube and reading blogposts more interesting than watching television (but I do watch t.v. too). But I didn't have any matter on my mind to do a post on or even if I wanted to, I wasn't ready with the usual photos and stuff..

Okay, enough about all other than doing the things mentioned above I got hooked on something else these past 2-3 weeks! And I am loving it so much that I thought I'll share it here with you guys.

So here it goes..while I was pinning stuff on Pinterest (as usual) I came across some cool pins about organization and when I visited the sites I was introduced to a whole new world of Home Organization Bloggers!! And believe me I was hooked to these blogs from day 1. And who are these bloggers you ask? They are none other than cool moms trying to make their homes (and others) a better and functional place. Isn't that cool? :)

And now you ask, how come all of a sudden I am into home decor and stuff? Well, here it is. I am actually an architecture student (the BIG REVEAL! lol!) and so that being said I love all things related to that and interior design and so on..and its been on my mind for some days now about making a separate blog where I will post interior decor ideas and also I have a major (read majorly major) home organization project which I felt like doing after getting inspired from these blogs. I am just not able to make a final decision about it. Because if I started posting all that here, its going to be all jumbled up. So you probably are going to get the news in next few days.

And all that being said I now want you guys to check out these amazing Home Organization Blogs and I warn you, you are going to get inspired too!

1. A Bowl Full Of Lemons
2. I Heart Organizing
3. Organizing Made Fun
4. Ask Anna
5. Delightful Order

(p.s.- There many more such blogs, while I search and enjoy going through more of them you guys check the above listed. And if you find one which you like and is not mentioned leave me a link to it. I'd love to check that out!).

Bub-bye~ :)

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