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Sunday, July 29, 2012

UPDATED Makeup Collection_July 2012- Photos and Video!!

Hey guys, I did my updated makeup collection video and now I am doing a post on it with photos.
I changed the way I store it, and the rest you'll see in the photos and the video. I LOVE watching these type of videos!! :D

I keep all my stuff in one long DRAWER.


Saturday, July 28, 2012

Outfit Inspiration- Work related or Formal Outfits!!

So after I got some good response on my previous Outfit Inspiration Post for Casual College Wear, I thought I'd do one on Formal outfits. Formal wear need not be boring, it can be made little casual or even dressier. What better than adding a Blazer to make an impact! Also pencil skirts look so cool!
Here are some outfits I personally like!


Waxed pants

LOVE that shirt of hers!

HUGE Beauty Haul!!

Hey everyone!! Anything cool or interesting on with you guys? I have an interesting haul to show you guys, I haven't got all this stuff in a day or even a week..this haul is pending since last 2-3 months. As you guys might know I had my birthday in April and I had also done a 'wish-list' post (I can't get all the things obviously). 

The all Maybelline things that I got recently (from Beauty Centre of course) after saving up my pocket money, I was so excited to get them and there are some skin prodcuts as well. The lip balms are probably something I got in May or April and the Faces blushes I got from The nail art pens are from Beauty Centre, Crawford Market. 

Friday, July 6, 2012

Outfit Inspiration-Casual Everyday Outfit!!

Hey everyone!!!
I am not going to bore you guys with how and why I haven't posted anything, college, that single word says it all!
So I wanted to do some post and thought why not an outfit inspiration type post, since I am sort of getting into cool clothes and all that. Otherwise my style if you ask has always been 'comfy' and not that stylish at all..
So here are some ideas for casual everyday wear to college and any other place..not work I suppose.
Many of these are from my account on Pinterest. I "pin" a LOT!!
You guys can check that out too. My Pinterest-

Basic, simple and... red! by kendilea, via Flickr 

botanical gardens-2 :: wendy's lookbook
coolNavy & Olive - Wendy's Lookbook

Do tell me if I should do more of these posts!! Would love to do more!!