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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Tutorial-Pink and purple eye look!

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi Everyone!!!!!!!!!! I am off to see various Ganpati's...!! :D here's my FIRST eye makeup tutorial I tried..which came out bad..I agree..I promise it will be better next time!! 
STEP ONE- Prime your eyes..I don't have a primer so I used my tinted moisteriser and then dabbed some loose powder on it... 
STEP 2- I applied a purple shadow first..more on the outer corner and lightly on the inner side..

STEP 3- Then I applied the pink shadow in the inner corner.
Then using a light brown shadow nearest to you skintone, blend in the colours in the crease properly... then apply liner, curl your lashes and apply mascara(which I didn't coz I didn't have one that time.. I bought one day before yesterday!! YAY! )
Now on to the final look..

What do you think about this post?? 
I think I am getting better day-by-day with the liquid liner! Woohoo!! ^_^

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Purple-silver NOTD!!

Againa weird name!! But the polish looks more on the shimmery purple side in the bottle and looks like greyish silver on the nails!! But it is pretty nevertheless!!
 I have showed you this polish in my huge nail polish haul some weeks back!! Check it out in the pic below!!

the polish 2nd from left is what I am talking about.

natural light

Red and brown winged eyeliner look!!

So it was raining cats and dogs here in Mumbai last a result of which there was no college on monday!! All the local trains were cancelled...and no trains means no college!! 

So I ended up doing two eye looks that day..!! I was again trying to do them in the form of a tutorial..but I think I was doing it the wrong time I'll keep the flash on and do it! :)

Here's the look which I did from my only palette left..which was the first one I got last november! :O And I should probably review the eye liner used coz I am loving it!! I am brushing up my eye liner skills..and it is from a local brand called Just Candy. I got it for 40INR!! 

Do tell me what you people think of this! :)

natural light 



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Sunday, August 28, 2011

HELP! Tell me how to add anything in the sidebar? AND an announcement!

Hey everyone! I have a query here..its been there for a while to post a picture in the sidebar?? Or anything which is not a gadget in the sidebar??

AND...the announcement is...

If any of you guys want to write a makeup/beauty/nail post for my blog(coz you are welcome to do that)...or you if you wanna ask me anything, or wanna tell me to do certain guys can mail me at beingpretty(at)rediffmail(dot)com.

And yeah..also how do I add this new mail on my sidebar..tell me that..!!

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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Skincare products Haul!!!!

Yup..its an haul post..but not of makeup..(sad)..

Two weeks before me and my mom had gone to the Beauty Centre at Crawford Market!! I went there for the FIRST time!!! I was drooling over the stuff there!! So many makeup brands!!!!!!!!!

There was everything from Neutrogena's skincare range, The Body Shop(as well), Pond's range, and various other skincare brands..
Now makeup..there was..Lakme, Colorbar, Faces, Gala of London, Revlon, MAC (for sure!!) You know what..I saw MAC for the first time..(you know what I mean when I say first time right)..the blushes, lipglosses...the cute eye shadows..drool...
Then there were brands like Eyetex Dazzler, Diana of London, V.O.V..and some whose names I saw for the first time..But there was no Miss Claire.. :( Or maybe I missed it..hope it is there..

AND......there were MANY MANY nail polishes!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am never buying polishes from any other place now!! :-D

Now..on to the haul...

From left to right:
- pure Almond oil
-Pond's dreamflower talcum powder
-Anherb Natural Body Lotion
-Anherb Natural Face cream
-Anherb Natural Olive Hair Shampoo
-Gala of London Nail Polish Remover
-Livon Conditioner

Second line, left to right:
-Anherb Natural Milk and Honey Nourishing cream(for mum)
-Nail polish
-Gala of London Lipstick (for mum)

And I forgot including the two makeup brushes I got in the previous picture, here they are..


V.O.V Blue-turned-to-Purple NOTD!!!

Weird name  "Blue-turned-to-Purple" right? But yes..that's what happened..

I had taken a pretty pastel blue shade..and after like 4-5 months..I see it became a purple polish!! HOW in the world that happened..I don't know..But..the purple's pretty too!!! ;) :D

Here's the NOTD:

Here's the blue polish(the left most) earlier..

And now..dull but pretty purple..

Soft "shimmery" Purple Eye look!! Bad news, and a cry for help!

Hey there!! Hows your weekend going? Mine in pretty dull and boring..and I have a kinda bad news for those who wanted me to do eye makeup tutorials...But after the look!

yup..I know..should get a mascara!! :P
The palette..(one from a local brand Kiss Beauty) got all dirty..I think it expired..there were small fungus like things visible..on two of the shades!!! And one on them was the purple shadow!! O_o

But this look was done may be last month..or even before that..and I didn't use that palette foe quite a long time..So there it went..Tossed it directly in the bin!!
Here's the bad part..I won't be able to do the tutorials..unless I buy more shadows!! And I badly need to buy some..coz there's just one palette in my so-called-collection..

Please suggest some eye shadows, singles, palettes..anything..for me..(don't forget..I don't wanna burn a hole in my pocket! mostly drugstore would do..M saving money for it too!! )

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Eye look using Miss Claire Glimmerstick in Denim Blue.

Here's a look in which I used my Miss Claire Glimmerstick in Denim Blue for lining my eyes.

Its a pretty simple pink and grey look..and I don't really know whether the blue liner looks good or not..
I just did it for fun!!

Do tell me what you guys think about this? :)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Maybelline Lip Smooth, Miss Claire eye pencils, etc. HAUL!!!

Hello everyone!!!
Here's a haul I wanted to share with you guys..

And yeah..I got all this stuff last month..but the photos were lying in my cam!! Huh!! O_o
I didn't get all this together. The lipgloss and eye pencils were taken earlier and then when I had gone with my mum I insisted her to buy me the Lip Smooth's and the Blush Palette!! Haha!! ;)

Here's what I got:
-Maybelline Lip Smooths in Strawberry and Mandarin
-Just Candy Lipgloss
-Miss Claire Glimmersticks in Denim Blue and Tahitian Blue
-A blush palette with 5 blushes

What do you guys think of this haul??!! Have you tried anything of them??