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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Red and brown winged eyeliner look!!

So it was raining cats and dogs here in Mumbai last a result of which there was no college on monday!! All the local trains were cancelled...and no trains means no college!! 

So I ended up doing two eye looks that day..!! I was again trying to do them in the form of a tutorial..but I think I was doing it the wrong time I'll keep the flash on and do it! :)

Here's the look which I did from my only palette left..which was the first one I got last november! :O And I should probably review the eye liner used coz I am loving it!! I am brushing up my eye liner skills..and it is from a local brand called Just Candy. I got it for 40INR!! 

Do tell me what you people think of this! :)

natural light 




  1. love your blog!

  2. Thanks a ton Alisa!!! It means a lot for me!! :) :*


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