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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Soft "shimmery" Purple Eye look!! Bad news, and a cry for help!

Hey there!! Hows your weekend going? Mine in pretty dull and boring..and I have a kinda bad news for those who wanted me to do eye makeup tutorials...But after the look!

yup..I know..should get a mascara!! :P
The palette..(one from a local brand Kiss Beauty) got all dirty..I think it expired..there were small fungus like things visible..on two of the shades!!! And one on them was the purple shadow!! O_o

But this look was done may be last month..or even before that..and I didn't use that palette foe quite a long time..So there it went..Tossed it directly in the bin!!
Here's the bad part..I won't be able to do the tutorials..unless I buy more shadows!! And I badly need to buy some..coz there's just one palette in my so-called-collection..

Please suggest some eye shadows, singles, palettes..anything..for me..(don't forget..I don't wanna burn a hole in my pocket! mostly drugstore would do..M saving money for it too!! )

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