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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Drugstore Blush Palette Review and Swatches

So here's a review (after so many days!!)..
I am reviewing a Blush Palette I got some 2 months back..from a random brand for 200INR..just for the sake of trying out different blush colours.. I had also shown this in a haul post.

It has five powder Blushes, the 1st one with little shimmer and rest of the four are matte!
The first one is perfect as a highlighter.
The 2nd and 3rd colours would look better on fair skinned beauties..I personally like the last two ones!
The pigmentation is good and staying power is also ok..So in all its a good buy for me!!

Here are the swatches- (the last one wasn't showing up...but its a nice colour!)

What do you think about this? Which drugstore ones you suggest?

HUGE Makeup Haul from!!

Hey guys!! Sorry for being MIA for these many days!! My site was showing some problem..thankfully everything's fine now! :D

So here's the haul from I had told I will be doing...enjoy the pics!
It goes in the order in which I got the I'd said I have ordered twice (I actually got my 3rd order this week, but these pics were clicked before!) from, so we see the first order before, then the second and then all the things together! And I also got a Surprise Gift the 2nd time..(have a pic of that too!).

1st order- Colorbar Eye Kohl, Elle 18 Colorburst lipsticks and Lakme Rose Powder in Warm Pink

names of the Eye Kohl and Lipsticks! :)

2nd Order! :D

2nd Order- Jordana Blush(Touch of Pink) n Loose eyeshadow( Bronze Medal), Lotus Herbals Lipbalm and Maybelline Lip Smooth! 

ALL the things together!!! (1st n 2nd order) 

The Surprise Gift!! :D

Have any you guys tried online shopping? If yes, from where? 

Thursday, November 3, 2011

I need your HELP!!

Yup..I am in need of your help again guys!
Its about how to add a link to a photo that I add in the Sidebar!
I now know how to add anything in the Sidebar..but the problem is even if I add the link I want in the option of adding a Picture never works!! Whenever I click on the picture in the sidebar it never goes to the required link!! What to do now? I follow the exact method mentioned but it never works! :/

HELP me! Tell me how to do it!! Plzz! 

Sparkles Unlimited's GIVEAWAY!!

Hey guys! Here's another giveaway news and its from Shrilata of Sparkles Unlimited!

My First Online Shopping with!!

Hey everyone!! :D

I am so excited to do this post because it’s on my first ever online shopping experience!! I have seen so many posts on various online sites coming up in India which offer many good brands and many also have the Cash on Delivery option which is what many prefer if you are shopping for the first time! 
And is such a site! What else, it also offers free shipping in India!! Isn't that exciting??!!! 

What I suggest (and that’s what I did) is that browse through the site, check all different brands and products they have. I had gone on so many times before deciding what to order. I was quite hesitant of shopping online, (I am anyways hesitant while shopping makeup from a store, imagine what the idea of shopping online did to me!! hehe).

Ok now about, it’s a pretty easy site to browse anything or order.. You can keep browsing even if you are not registered.
I am not going to write on how to go through the site since it’s a very easy thing to do, even the ordering part is simple! And let me tell guys this..I was so impressed that I shopped once again from!! Yay!!

Why I recommend
-Express delivery (they deliver 2-3-4 days)
-Free shipping anywhere in India
-They offer brands like- NYX, Revlon, Colorbar, Faces Canada, Maybelline, Lakme, Elle 18, Lotus Herbals, Neutrogena, Ponds, and many more…also good range of Nail Polishes.. it also has OPI!!!! There are so many skincare brands also!!
-Offer discount on all many products.
-The packaging is really good, products are wrapped in Bubble wrap and thermacol and the best thing is it comes in a custom made Black sturdy box which has their name on it!! (I have two of these boxes now!!)
-They also give you lots of free samples with every order!
-They also have a scheme going on that if we order anything above Rs.500 we get a Surprise Gift (which I got when I ordered the second time!!).

What I wish had/change/add more:
-Although they offer discount on many brands, there is no discount on Maybelline and Colorbar products!! (why??!! I so wanted to get something from Colorbar! They recently added the blushes and eyeshadows.)
-They should add some more brands which we normally don’t get in India!!

Will I purchase from again? : YES!! :D

Well..I am not going to show the products in this post because I’ll be doing a separate Haul post!! I am just showing you guys some other pictures of the Box and their packaging and all..

the cool Black box! :D

this was my 1st order! 

Products nicely Bubble wrapped! (1st order)

The samples I got!! (from my 2nd order)

How do you store your Makeup?

How do you store your makeup?

Here's what my makeup storage used to look like some 6-7 months before.. I used to store it in a big plastic box. Now its completely different! 
I LOVE watching makeup collection videos on Youtube! Makeup Collection posts are fun too! We get to see how other people store their makeup and what all they have.. I will do one of my own when I feel satisfied enough of my collection to show! (yeah..that's never going to happen but still..!)

Have any of you guys done a post or video showing your collection? 
If you have one do add the link in the comments below! I would love to see it! :D

Tuesday, November 1, 2011