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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Purple-grey eye look!

I was actually trying to do this look in the form of a tutorial..but I was not able to do it properly... If anyone wants me to a tutorial on any of my looks, feel free to tell me in the comments..till then I'll do looks like these. And I was thinking of doing celebrity inspired looks as well..but only if time permits..

Here's the look. I like the way the colors have come out. And the liner is pretty good..and fine!! :D 
Do tell me how you find it.

Aishwarya Rai Hairstyles!

Here's one on Ash's hairstyles...aww she looks gorgeous in every hairstyle let it be just simple straight hair or an updo..

Take your pick!

Sonam Kapoor Hairstyles!!

I haven't done any celebrity post for I thought of doing one.

Sonam Kapoor always does something new..and here's a post on some of her hairstyles.

Do tell me which ones you liked..

Friday, July 29, 2011

Easy Brush Cleaning!! An old post posted New!!

So...a post after so many days!! (This post was suppose to be posted may be a month back!)
 I am working from my laptop(new) and all my photos about new eyelooks and tutorial(yes! an eye makeup tute too) are in my desktop n I don't have my pendrive too..have given it to a friend to get some movies from her!! :D So I decided to go with whatever I had in my laptop. And this is about 'cleaning makeup brushes'-read the easy way..i.e. when you don't have a specialised brush cleanser like me... :P
So I to clean brushes and all..and got some really easy to do steps..that too without a brush cleanser!  

I'll show you the step by step photos.

  My brushes which I am cleaning. You'll need:
-baby oil or olive oil
-mild shampoo+water mixture
-soft tissues or soft towel

Step1: Take the brush to be cleaned and dip it in olive oil slightly.
Step2: Squeeze out the oil from the brush and you can very well see the makeup coming out. In the above and below picture is my blush brush being cleaned and the dirt.. ;)

 Step3: Take mild shampoo or baby shampoo and add some water in it. Now dip your brushes in this solution. Don't dip the whole brush, just the hair.

Step4: The remaining makeup and oil gets cleaned because of the shampoo. Then hold the brushes under flowing tap water and clean them further. The flow of water shouldn't be too high.

 Step5: Now keep them to dry!!!

How do you think this post was? I was inspired by our very own Indian beauty bloggers!! Love you guys!! :D :*

Brown NOTD!!

Yeah..yeah..I know I haven't posted for days!! You know the reason well..College of course!! :D
Here's a NOTD, the photos were taken 2-3 days late and hence the chipped nail polish!! But I loved this brown! Its without shimmer.

What do you think about this?

Friday, July 22, 2011

Smart wear while travelling.

Today’s post is about travelling essentials…we all travel some time or the other. I love travelling too, be it with my family or friends on college tours!!  I just love them!!

Here we go:
-      -There can be a lot of walking in the airports/stations, so the right footwear is really important. Loafers are great.
-      -Layer up, as temperature can vary a lot when moving through terminals and on the aircraft/ train(in case of an AC compartment) itself.
-      -Wear natural fabrics: cotton T-shirts with cardigans or sporty zip tops combined with relaxes trousers(long or mid-calf length), sometimes linen, sometimes a pair of jeans!
-      -Carry a cardigan or short casual jacket, accessories to suit your schedule on landing to the hotel or home, or straight to a meeting.
-      -Always carry a pashmina/ shawl with you for when the temperature gets too cold!

Now lets move on to hand baggage essentials:
-      -Toothbrush and toothpaste (of course! Very important).
-     - Mini tubes of moisturizer and a lip balm
-      -Your daily face wash
-      -A book to read on the way
-      -Can carry wet-wipes too!  (I remember they were really helpful on my recent  trip with family when we were travelling the whole day… wet-wipes were a good choice!)

Have I missed out anything? What are your travel essentials? I would love to know them!

Thanks for reading! J

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Do some Leg work!

1.    We envy models and celebrities for their beautiful legs..but wait!! Even you can have legs like that! Just follow these easy steps!  

 -B   -Before going to bed at night, soak your feet for 15 minutes in a tub of warm water mixed with a few drops of olive oil and bath salt (any salt will do). Remove feet, dry well and then moisturise them with an intensive moisteriser. Sleep well.

2.     -A pedicure is not just a way  to pamper yourself, but essential to maintain good feet and legs. Go for a pedicure atleast once a week or month! Cleansing and moisturising are musts to keep your feet looking healthy and pretty.

3.     -For glamorous legs, make a paste of carrots, raw turmeric, cucumber, red masoor dal and fresh cream. Apply paste on your legs and feet. Leave on for about 25 minutes. Watch your legs do a turnaround in just a week!

4.     -Keep your legs and feet supple and soft. To avoid dryness, apply a mixture of fresh cream, orangge peel and olive oil on them. It will leave them soft, supple and glowing!

5.     -Get rid of dead and scaly skin and wrinkles. Make a paste of Fuller’s Earth, egg yolk and juice of a lemon. Apply the paste on yout legs and feet. Keep it on for 10 to 15 minutes. Rinse well with water.

6.     -Keep cacked feet at a bay. Apply a mix of rose water, coconut oil and glycerine to yout tootsies, more on the soles of the feet before calling it a day. Wake up to beautiful feet every morning.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Tips for Flawless Base Makeup!

For a flawless look:

-       -You should try the foundation on your jaw line. Blend it nicely and if disappears, then you know it’s the perfect one.

-         -Remember that if your skin is tanned, you will have to use different shades. For instance, under the eye will need a different shade.

    -Apply some face cream or moisturizer before you put on your foundation. It will last longer and not cake up.

-         -Always check your foundation (after you have applied it) in natural light or the light that you will be seen in.

-         -Never spray foundation or rub directly on to your face. Put in on your hands and then on your face.

-         -If you are going to be sweating, then your foundation is going to get messy. It’s best to use a vaporized mist foundatn and carry some loose compact powder wih you so you can freshen up.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Finally I am back!!!!!!!

So yes I am finally back!!!!!!! And I wasn't on any vacation or was just that my internet connection had some problem. It still has that problem..but I got new laptop(1 month back) and now I got the internet connection for it..the pendrive one! So I am back!! I missed blogging so so much!! Post from tomorrow for sure! :D