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Monday, July 11, 2011

Tips for Flawless Base Makeup!

For a flawless look:

-       -You should try the foundation on your jaw line. Blend it nicely and if disappears, then you know it’s the perfect one.

-         -Remember that if your skin is tanned, you will have to use different shades. For instance, under the eye will need a different shade.

    -Apply some face cream or moisturizer before you put on your foundation. It will last longer and not cake up.

-         -Always check your foundation (after you have applied it) in natural light or the light that you will be seen in.

-         -Never spray foundation or rub directly on to your face. Put in on your hands and then on your face.

-         -If you are going to be sweating, then your foundation is going to get messy. It’s best to use a vaporized mist foundatn and carry some loose compact powder wih you so you can freshen up.


  1. thanx for tips.... everyone wants a flawless base for makeup...

  2. thanx for reading and giving your feedback!! :)


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