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Friday, July 22, 2011

Smart wear while travelling.

Today’s post is about travelling essentials…we all travel some time or the other. I love travelling too, be it with my family or friends on college tours!!  I just love them!!

Here we go:
-      -There can be a lot of walking in the airports/stations, so the right footwear is really important. Loafers are great.
-      -Layer up, as temperature can vary a lot when moving through terminals and on the aircraft/ train(in case of an AC compartment) itself.
-      -Wear natural fabrics: cotton T-shirts with cardigans or sporty zip tops combined with relaxes trousers(long or mid-calf length), sometimes linen, sometimes a pair of jeans!
-      -Carry a cardigan or short casual jacket, accessories to suit your schedule on landing to the hotel or home, or straight to a meeting.
-      -Always carry a pashmina/ shawl with you for when the temperature gets too cold!

Now lets move on to hand baggage essentials:
-      -Toothbrush and toothpaste (of course! Very important).
-     - Mini tubes of moisturizer and a lip balm
-      -Your daily face wash
-      -A book to read on the way
-      -Can carry wet-wipes too!  (I remember they were really helpful on my recent  trip with family when we were travelling the whole day… wet-wipes were a good choice!)

Have I missed out anything? What are your travel essentials? I would love to know them!

Thanks for reading! J

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