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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Do some Leg work!

1.    We envy models and celebrities for their beautiful legs..but wait!! Even you can have legs like that! Just follow these easy steps!  

 -B   -Before going to bed at night, soak your feet for 15 minutes in a tub of warm water mixed with a few drops of olive oil and bath salt (any salt will do). Remove feet, dry well and then moisturise them with an intensive moisteriser. Sleep well.

2.     -A pedicure is not just a way  to pamper yourself, but essential to maintain good feet and legs. Go for a pedicure atleast once a week or month! Cleansing and moisturising are musts to keep your feet looking healthy and pretty.

3.     -For glamorous legs, make a paste of carrots, raw turmeric, cucumber, red masoor dal and fresh cream. Apply paste on your legs and feet. Leave on for about 25 minutes. Watch your legs do a turnaround in just a week!

4.     -Keep your legs and feet supple and soft. To avoid dryness, apply a mixture of fresh cream, orangge peel and olive oil on them. It will leave them soft, supple and glowing!

5.     -Get rid of dead and scaly skin and wrinkles. Make a paste of Fuller’s Earth, egg yolk and juice of a lemon. Apply the paste on yout legs and feet. Keep it on for 10 to 15 minutes. Rinse well with water.

6.     -Keep cacked feet at a bay. Apply a mix of rose water, coconut oil and glycerine to yout tootsies, more on the soles of the feet before calling it a day. Wake up to beautiful feet every morning.

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