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Friday, December 31, 2010

EOTD update!!!

Hey everyone!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! I have many eye looks ready to post which can be done for parties.. here's one...

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Pink Purple EOTD

with flash

Miss Claire White glimmerstick review and swatches

Hey everyone!! I am going to review my white eyeliner pencil..apart from using it on my waterline..we can also use it as a eyeshadow NYX jumbo eyeshadow pencils..( i wish I had one!! )... So following are the comparisons of swatches of eyeshadows w/o any base and with white pencil as a base...

Its obvious from the pictures..that on left are eyeshadows w/o any base and right are they with the white pencil as a base...

Soft pink eye look..using home made cream eyeshadow!! I am posting the look I had done with the cream eyeshadow I made..and have posted in the previous post...enjoy!! 

How to you find it??? I loved it...simple and sweet!!! :)

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Making a powder eyeshadow into cream eyeshadow!!

I was wondering what to do to make eye makeup last longer..and came across a post about cream eyeshadows. Since I don't have cream ones now...I converted my powder eyeshadow into cream!!! Here are the step-by-step photos and swatches with a look coming up... enjoy!!

 I chose a light pink shade.  Step-1 : scrap out some eyeshadow on a plate using a clean object.
You can make more amount and store in small containers to be used as cream eyeshadows..but since this was my first try..I made it in a small amount only...

                   my scrapped eyeshadow.

Step 2 : Take small amount of your desires cream to be added in the eyeshadow. I used my Nivea soft cream.

Step 3- mix the cream and eyeshadow. take little amount at can them add more..

 And...tada!! Cream eyeshadow ready!!!!!!!!!!! Below are the swatches!!!

Left is only powder eyeshadow and right is cream eyeshadow swatch. It wasn't coming out on the camera...

I was going to add more photos but there was some problem while sorry!!! And one more can dab some of your powder eyeshadow after you've applied cream eyeshadow..if you want... And this stays long...its tried and tested!!!

Thanx for reading!!!

Monday, December 27, 2010

My Earrings Collection!!!!

Hey everyone!! I'll show you guys my Never ending earrings collection...STUDS in this part. Nowadays I love small studded earrings..and here are some..enjoy..

where I store my stud earrings

colourful studs

colorful studs, small diamond earrings and black rose earrings!!


Earrings of my initials!!! 

Part-2 coming up!! Keep Watching!! :)

Sunday, December 26, 2010

LAKME Face Magic Daily Wear Souffle Review, swatches.

This was suggested to me to use instead of foundation daily...since I am still 18 many suggested I use tinted moisterizer and it was none other than LAKME face magic daily wear souffle! It comes in a cute jar sort of a thing...and its light as compared to normal foundation..and I wear it almost everyday to college..

Here are the photos in detail....

                                    with it on my hand

                                                it spreads you can see

Nivea SOFT cream review and photos.

I have been using Nivea Soft cream for a while now...initially I liked it...but now when the cold is more..its not the ultimate moisterizer for winters...otherwise its good... The photos were taken in november..I don't know why took this long to post its almost over..and I am in search of a total moisterizer...

see how much amount was their...and now its not even 1/4th of this...

the cream on my hand

after spreading the cream

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Reese Witherspoon's outfits!! (layering)

Reese always does that layering style..and since you know I love here are the photos..