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Friday, November 23, 2012

Outfit Inspiration- Easy Layering for Winter!!

Hey guys!
How's everything going? I am back to my daily routine since my college started from 19th this week. Back to being busy again!
And to add to it the winter is making is difficult to get up from a nice sleep every freaking morning! Although the last 2 days were not that cold, Monday and Tuesday were cold in the morning time!

So I am back with my Outfit Inspiration post and this time it's obviously about winter clothes! Now, since it doesn't get that freezing here in Mumbai we rarely see anyone in trench coats or boots, we can atleast have some fun with cardigans, scarves, jackets and all that!
p.s.- I still haven't figured out where will I get some nice cardigans or jackets in Mumbai without spending a bomb! If you know, PLEASE PLEASE let me know! ;)

I like the Cardigan and scarf paring, looks so cute and cosy! 

I love Burgundy, Oxblood, Maroon for fall! And I love her blog!!
Source- What I Wore

Leather jacket (even pants!) is so IN this fall!!! 

A pretty and cute scarf will add the fun element to any outfit!
Source- Wendy's Lookbook

I just loved that white sweater type cardigan she's wearing! Black,white and grey has never looked so better! PERFECT for college! 

This one is more for the working girls out there..that blue blazer is enough to give you the warmth and chic look for office! Plus..I LOVED those booties here! :D 

(P.s.- I have given the sources/links to some of the photos, I'd like you to check out these blogs! You'll be hooked!)
And more of fashion/outfit inspiration posts coming soon! 

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Happy Dhanteras Everyone!!!

I want to wish you all a Very Happy Dhanteras!!

Diwali is finally here, and I am so excited..I am going to go all crazy this time..clicking lots of photos with family, cousins, friends and obviously of the lights and decorations! After all that's what Diwali is all about right?!! :D 

Thursday, November 8, 2012

November Beauty Haul!!

Hey guys!!

I have a beauty haul to share with you today, I don't go buying things every month but I just couldn't come up with a better name for this post! Haha! :P

So here are the products I got:
1. Lotus Herbals Safe Sun 3-in-1 Matte Look Daily Sunblock, SPF 40 - Rs.225/-
2. Sunsilk Black Shampoo -Rs. 55/-
3. Secret Temptation Deodorant in Play (I got the same one for the second time, <3 this!!) - Rs.150/-
4. Garnier Body Cocoon Body Lotion (this too for the second time) -Rs. 170/-
5. Clear n Clear Morning Energy Face Wash in Brightening Berry (have used the green one earlier) -Rs.50/-
6, Nivea Soft Face Cream - Rs.79/-
7. Sure Body Shield anti-perspirant - Rs. 70/-

I hope you liked my haul! :) What products are you guys stocking for winter this time?? 

Lets get Organized- cute DIY box for rings!!

Hey guys, like I have said in my Jewelry Organization Ideas post that I had done a small DIY too and I am going to share it with you guys today!

I realized that although I had some cute rings and bracelets I rarely used to wear them to college and the reason was they were not kept in the most organized way and I just wore whatever I could get my hands on..that means literally the same earrings 3 times a week..and no ring and bracelet at all! (I wear my Fastrack watch everyday!)
So I decided to make it work for me..and first thought of making a cute box to keep my rings in..

I have used the packaging of one of the Garnier products..I had 2-3 Garnier empty boxes lying around and thought of utilizing those to make something in which I can keep my rings in.. I don't have a huge ring collection so I used a small box..

I just looked around the house if I can get some things which can be used in a better way rather than to keep some random junk. For today's DIY I have used the smallest Garnier box to the left. I also found that Hexagonal acrylic box and a metal mickey box (both chocolate boxes) when I cleaned my stationary and painting stuff..hence that hexagonal box is so dirty! I have used them too, that post will be coming soon.. :)

 First I cut the top off and gave it a little shape, which I agree came out a little weird.. :X
Then I taped all the sides from outside for extra strength and used tinted paper I stuck pink paper inside and blue on the outside of it. I have used Fevibond which comes in a yellow tube and is clear with yellow tint, you can also use Decoration Glue which is clear glue.

Then since the edges were not looking that great, I highlighted them with black marker..and the fun part..added glitter polka dots on the blue surface!! :D 
I LOVE how cute it looks after that! ;)

 The Blue, Gold and Silver glittery polka dots!! <3 :D  And we are done!! I tossed in my rings, I still have enough space in there..I can add more rings to it! ;)

The final result-
I got the cute white flower ring from Bandra recently, I LOVE it!! :)

How do you keep your jewelry? I would love to know more from you guys! :)

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Garnier Light 3-in-1 Fairness Facial Review!!

Hey guys!! Hope you all are having a nice sunday!

Today I am going to review the Garnier Light 3-in-1 Fairness Facial. We all know Priyanka Chopra'a advertisement of this..and yeah I was eager to try this the first time I saw the commercial! ;)
Isn't it cool to be able to use one product as a face wash, face scrub and also a mask??!!

Price: Rs.99/- for 50gm

Packaging: It comes in a white squeez-tube packaging which I'd say is pretty good and not that boring..

What I think about it:
I am quite happy about it. I don't use it as a daily face wash because I don't think I want the product to get over (lol..) but I have used it as a face wash when I am having one of those busy and tiring days and need some fresh glow on my face but I am in no mood for a face mask! It does brings out a glow on my face, it's good as a scrub too. It has light blue particles which might seem a little plastic-y.. One doesn't need to apply too much force while scrubbing.
And now what I use it for- as a face mask (most of the time!). I LOVE it as a face mask!! I just do...

1. quite true to its claims
2. freshens up and gives a nice glow to your face
3. good facial scrub to use once a week
4. Even better as a face mask! <3
5. Inexpensive
6. Pretty good packaging
7. Has a nice minty fresh fragrance

1. the particles may seem a little rough to some people, need to be careful about not over-scrubbing

I don't find any other con with it! <3

Here's the swatch: 

Will I repurchase it?: YES!! I will definitely get this again! If you haven't tried this yet, I highly recommend this! :D