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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Lets get Organized- cute DIY box for rings!!

Hey guys, like I have said in my Jewelry Organization Ideas post that I had done a small DIY too and I am going to share it with you guys today!

I realized that although I had some cute rings and bracelets I rarely used to wear them to college and the reason was they were not kept in the most organized way and I just wore whatever I could get my hands on..that means literally the same earrings 3 times a week..and no ring and bracelet at all! (I wear my Fastrack watch everyday!)
So I decided to make it work for me..and first thought of making a cute box to keep my rings in..

I have used the packaging of one of the Garnier products..I had 2-3 Garnier empty boxes lying around and thought of utilizing those to make something in which I can keep my rings in.. I don't have a huge ring collection so I used a small box..

I just looked around the house if I can get some things which can be used in a better way rather than to keep some random junk. For today's DIY I have used the smallest Garnier box to the left. I also found that Hexagonal acrylic box and a metal mickey box (both chocolate boxes) when I cleaned my stationary and painting stuff..hence that hexagonal box is so dirty! I have used them too, that post will be coming soon.. :)

 First I cut the top off and gave it a little shape, which I agree came out a little weird.. :X
Then I taped all the sides from outside for extra strength and used tinted paper I stuck pink paper inside and blue on the outside of it. I have used Fevibond which comes in a yellow tube and is clear with yellow tint, you can also use Decoration Glue which is clear glue.

Then since the edges were not looking that great, I highlighted them with black marker..and the fun part..added glitter polka dots on the blue surface!! :D 
I LOVE how cute it looks after that! ;)

 The Blue, Gold and Silver glittery polka dots!! <3 :D  And we are done!! I tossed in my rings, I still have enough space in there..I can add more rings to it! ;)

The final result-
I got the cute white flower ring from Bandra recently, I LOVE it!! :)

How do you keep your jewelry? I would love to know more from you guys! :)


  1. very pretty looking box..! i have urban touch ones lemme do it

  2. I have 3 Urbantouch boxes, the long rectangular ones.
    One I used to keep all my skincare stuff organized and haven't yet figures out what to do with the other two..I am keeping them to store something good! :)


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