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Friday, November 23, 2012

Outfit Inspiration- Easy Layering for Winter!!

Hey guys!
How's everything going? I am back to my daily routine since my college started from 19th this week. Back to being busy again!
And to add to it the winter is making is difficult to get up from a nice sleep every freaking morning! Although the last 2 days were not that cold, Monday and Tuesday were cold in the morning time!

So I am back with my Outfit Inspiration post and this time it's obviously about winter clothes! Now, since it doesn't get that freezing here in Mumbai we rarely see anyone in trench coats or boots, we can atleast have some fun with cardigans, scarves, jackets and all that!
p.s.- I still haven't figured out where will I get some nice cardigans or jackets in Mumbai without spending a bomb! If you know, PLEASE PLEASE let me know! ;)

I like the Cardigan and scarf paring, looks so cute and cosy! 

I love Burgundy, Oxblood, Maroon for fall! And I love her blog!!
Source- What I Wore

Leather jacket (even pants!) is so IN this fall!!! 

A pretty and cute scarf will add the fun element to any outfit!
Source- Wendy's Lookbook

I just loved that white sweater type cardigan she's wearing! Black,white and grey has never looked so better! PERFECT for college! 

This one is more for the working girls out there..that blue blazer is enough to give you the warmth and chic look for office! Plus..I LOVED those booties here! :D 

(P.s.- I have given the sources/links to some of the photos, I'd like you to check out these blogs! You'll be hooked!)
And more of fashion/outfit inspiration posts coming soon! 


  1. this is good.. i personally liked the last style.

  2. yes, I liked that outfit too! I LOVE her blog, do check it out. :)

  3. Great selection of looks :)

  4. Hi dear nice blog :) follow each other?

  5. A very Helpful post :D well written :D
    xoxo <3


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