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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Making a powder eyeshadow into cream eyeshadow!!

I was wondering what to do to make eye makeup last longer..and came across a post about cream eyeshadows. Since I don't have cream ones now...I converted my powder eyeshadow into cream!!! Here are the step-by-step photos and swatches with a look coming up... enjoy!!

 I chose a light pink shade.  Step-1 : scrap out some eyeshadow on a plate using a clean object.
You can make more amount and store in small containers to be used as cream eyeshadows..but since this was my first try..I made it in a small amount only...

                   my scrapped eyeshadow.

Step 2 : Take small amount of your desires cream to be added in the eyeshadow. I used my Nivea soft cream.

Step 3- mix the cream and eyeshadow. take little amount at can them add more..

 And...tada!! Cream eyeshadow ready!!!!!!!!!!! Below are the swatches!!!

Left is only powder eyeshadow and right is cream eyeshadow swatch. It wasn't coming out on the camera...

I was going to add more photos but there was some problem while sorry!!! And one more can dab some of your powder eyeshadow after you've applied cream eyeshadow..if you want... And this stays long...its tried and tested!!!

Thanx for reading!!!

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