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Friday, July 29, 2011

Easy Brush Cleaning!! An old post posted New!!

So...a post after so many days!! (This post was suppose to be posted may be a month back!)
 I am working from my laptop(new) and all my photos about new eyelooks and tutorial(yes! an eye makeup tute too) are in my desktop n I don't have my pendrive too..have given it to a friend to get some movies from her!! :D So I decided to go with whatever I had in my laptop. And this is about 'cleaning makeup brushes'-read the easy way..i.e. when you don't have a specialised brush cleanser like me... :P
So I to clean brushes and all..and got some really easy to do steps..that too without a brush cleanser!  

I'll show you the step by step photos.

  My brushes which I am cleaning. You'll need:
-baby oil or olive oil
-mild shampoo+water mixture
-soft tissues or soft towel

Step1: Take the brush to be cleaned and dip it in olive oil slightly.
Step2: Squeeze out the oil from the brush and you can very well see the makeup coming out. In the above and below picture is my blush brush being cleaned and the dirt.. ;)

 Step3: Take mild shampoo or baby shampoo and add some water in it. Now dip your brushes in this solution. Don't dip the whole brush, just the hair.

Step4: The remaining makeup and oil gets cleaned because of the shampoo. Then hold the brushes under flowing tap water and clean them further. The flow of water shouldn't be too high.

 Step5: Now keep them to dry!!!

How do you think this post was? I was inspired by our very own Indian beauty bloggers!! Love you guys!! :D :*


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