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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Skincare products Haul!!!!

Yup..its an haul post..but not of makeup..(sad)..

Two weeks before me and my mom had gone to the Beauty Centre at Crawford Market!! I went there for the FIRST time!!! I was drooling over the stuff there!! So many makeup brands!!!!!!!!!

There was everything from Neutrogena's skincare range, The Body Shop(as well), Pond's range, and various other skincare brands..
Now makeup..there was..Lakme, Colorbar, Faces, Gala of London, Revlon, MAC (for sure!!) You know what..I saw MAC for the first time..(you know what I mean when I say first time right)..the blushes, lipglosses...the cute eye shadows..drool...
Then there were brands like Eyetex Dazzler, Diana of London, V.O.V..and some whose names I saw for the first time..But there was no Miss Claire.. :( Or maybe I missed it..hope it is there..

AND......there were MANY MANY nail polishes!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am never buying polishes from any other place now!! :-D

Now..on to the haul...

From left to right:
- pure Almond oil
-Pond's dreamflower talcum powder
-Anherb Natural Body Lotion
-Anherb Natural Face cream
-Anherb Natural Olive Hair Shampoo
-Gala of London Nail Polish Remover
-Livon Conditioner

Second line, left to right:
-Anherb Natural Milk and Honey Nourishing cream(for mum)
-Nail polish
-Gala of London Lipstick (for mum)

And I forgot including the two makeup brushes I got in the previous picture, here they are..



  1. Great haul! I haven't tried livon's conditioner but their hair serum is very good. :)

  2. Thanks for adding me in your blog roll <3 <3 <3

  3. And thanks for following my blog Sara! It means a lot! :)

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