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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Anherb Naturals Fairness Face Cream Review!

Hey guys! So how is your weekend going on? Mine is going good, just ate some yummy pizza my mom made! ^_^

So now I am reviewing a product from a brand which is not that famous and I’ve hardly seen any reviews of anything from this brand on any blogs. It’s a Face Cream from a brand called Anherb Naturals and I got this from the Beauty Centre at Crawford Market, so may be it’ll be available at other Beauty Centre’s too. I don’t know exactly since I go only to the one in Crawford Market. They have a wide range of products from face creams to body lotions, night cream or nourishing cream, etc. and I have tried some of their other products too and you’ll see that in the upcoming posts.

What it claims to do:
New Anherb fairness cream is a unique active-fairness treatment that imparts instant fairness. Along with vita-oliv complex it works throughout the day, clears blemishes & reveal visibly fairer- even complexion with matte effect. Triple action sunscreen helps protect skin from UV rays, tanning and dark spots. Finally imparts natural glow to skin. Regular use, prepares you to face the world with confidence.

M.R.P. – 165INR/- for 150gm

Packaging: It comes in a big white and pink squeezy tube with pink cap. All the ingredients and everything is mentioned. Over all it’s a decent packaging and is handy for travelling too.

Ingredients: Here’s a picture of the ingredient list and it doesn’t contain any Parabens and they don’t do animal testing (its mentioned on the tube).

What I think about it:
I have used this for a long time now and I have mixed feelings about it. It does pretty much all the things it claims i.e. instant fairness- yes, you get a little ‘instant’ glow on your face but its not like it makes you fair. I think it’s just the glow. It is actually matte, the moment you apply it you get the matte effect on your face. The cream looks like those Fair and Lovely creams and has a feel of it too since it has little shimmer in it. But it spreads nicely on your face and then gives the matte look but I think if I use a little more quantity than usual, it makes me sweat on the face which is something we don’t want right!
But this has never given me any break-out or blemishes or anything like that. Incase you are wondering I have normal to dry skin. And it makes me sweat sometimes so I am not sure how well it’ll fare with oily skinned girls.
Other than that I don’t think there’s anything I don’t like about this cream. But I wasn’t using this during the winter and have resumed its use now. Even my mom uses this every single day.
So I am pretty happy with this cream and I have also used two more products from this brand and will be reviewing them next!
And if you see this brand and are confused whether to get anything or not, I suggest you definitely give it a try! It’s a really nice brand and hasn’t disappointed me and my mom. I’ve also tried their Body Lotion(2 tubes down!) and Milk and Honey Nourishing Cream which is like a night cream and really good for massaging your skin after scrubbing and cleansing. J

Will I buy this again?: YES for the brand, maybe no for the face cream. They also have face packs and soaps and many more and I want to try some of those. Waiting for my next trip to Beauty Center. :D


  1. is it suitable for all skin colour.I am black and someone is trying to sell me this product the fairness cream.

  2. Its a good cream, and keeps your face matte but it doesn't do much on the fairness part. So if you are looking for a fairness cream or something which makes your skin healthy and glowing I don't suggest this cream.. It doesn't do anything on the fairness part.

  3. hie thanks for the reply.I actually dont want to be fair thats why I am hesistant to buy it.If its anything like the skin lighteners I would not be interested because of the obvious side effects.

    What worried me is the way its described on the package,"Fairness cream, Instant skin lightening"--For me I interpreted it as this instant skin lightening with continuous use would it then not lead to actuall skin lightening?I dont really want to have a fanta coluored face and a coca cola body. l.o.l

    I love your tips especially the eye make up.Helping me to mix colours.

  4. Thanks a lot for your kind words..and I am still in the hunt to find a good face cream like my HG one..since I have a normal-dry type skin I don't get any such side effects of these..
    But I am not going back to this product.. :)

  5. hi..
    Thanks for ur review..It was lovely :)

    I have come across this product and was doubtfull to buy it..but as the person was sugesting me soo much i jus picked up the facewash.I am using Anherb milk and honey facewash.Its a good facewash.It makes u feel fresh and adds glow to ur skin.It contains natural products..
    U must give it a try than spending to too costly brands ;)


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