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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Lets get Organized- Jewelry Organization Ideas!

Hey guys! As mentioned in one of my previous posts about doing some home organization posts after getting inspired and all that..I thought I'll start with some ideas that I loved to store jewelry in a creative and cool way. And then I'll show you guys how I keep my tiny jewelry collection stuff as well (still working on it though).

Now as we all know, in India having a big or walk-in closet is quite a luxury! Why are houses/apartments in India not designed that way with closets? We can have a built-in closet atleast. I have that complaint..but I promise when I start designing I'll include closets in my designs for sure. Haha! We deserve built-in closets too! :D

So obviously I too don't have a closet, and guess what I don't even have a decent vanity table..sob.. Now my problem was I didn't want any display kinda storage since things get dusty here pretty fast, that means something to keep in the cupboard but in a cute yet functional way. Hence, here are some ideas I liked and also I'll link some DIY jewelry organizer posts that I liked. :)

 How cute is that!! I think this is my favorite one! Those cupcake moulds (moulds??) look so cute! We can also use the ones which hold small candles, the simple metal ones with just plain wax inside. :)

 This is cool too, for categorizing your stuff.
 And we will not have any problem in finding a nice plate like the one above with beautiful traditional details in our homes! Right? :D
 Using the box in which we bring eggs!
Plastic box with dividers.

And for those who'd like to display some of their jewelry..

Loved these ideas? Check out these links for more-


  1. Oooh those are some interesting storage ideas! Thanks for sharing :) xx

  2. Cool Storage Ideas..! I read some where about using the fridge trays for hanging the earrings.and i use my urbantouch boxes for storing hair bands.. :) :)


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