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Monday, October 8, 2012

Newly Launched- In India!!

Hey guys!
So now that I am free and my day starts getting up without having to worry about getting ready and all that daily jazz, I just come up here and go through some of my favourite blogs and their daily posts! I now get an idea, I should do a post on my FAVOURITE INDIAN BEAUTY BLOGS, I love others too..but then if you might be well aware of the cool makeup stuff never coming here in India or coming super duper late like after almost a year the US/UK people have already talked about.. :/ :P

If you have been reading regular blogposts like me you'l know about the various products launched in India recently. It's like the makeup gods have heard us and they've decided to shower little love on us too! :D
So I am going to list all the new launches in Makeup in this post along with their prices so that you don't have to go hunting for them from Blog to Blog.

1. Lakme Eyeconic Kajal and Mascara (Rs.199/- and Rs.250/-)
 I'll start with something which you might be familier with, but I am still excited to get these (read-dying to get these). And if you haven't got them yet and think you are the only one left who hasn't got them..nothing to worry! I am with you guys, I can understand your Student Budget Issues..sob sob.. But these are made for us, so inexpensive!! I am getting them! :D

2. Maybelline Baby Lips India (Rs.150/- for color range and Rs.125/- for care range)
FINALLY we get the Baby Lips!! BUT..why are they not in the same packaging as their US/UK counterparts??!!! :O
I find that more cute! But whatever..we atleast get them now.. There are two care ones, which are clear lip balms and the rest 5 are tinted ones. Want to try these too!

3. Maybelline Color Tattoos (Rs.350/- each)
And we also get the Color Tattoos as well!! I wanted to get atleast one, but how are we supposed to get something of everything with are small student budget?!! :O :(

4. Revlon Lip Butters (whooping Rs.600/- each!!) 
So Revlon people also felt like showering some love on us and we get the much-talked about Lip Butters finally after a long wait!! read the price? Rs.600/- is way to expensive I I can see my dream of getting atleast one lip butter shattering! I'll link the Corollista's post on these under the picture.

5. Lotus Herbals Pure Stay Makeup Range 
It is a whole new range from Lotus Herbals. I'll list the product prices below. Also Rati di from IMBB has done a post on ALL of these, check it out here.

1. Pure Stay Eye Contour Eyeliners- Rs. 549/-
2. Pure Stay Lip Glosses- Rs. 395/-
3. Pure Stay Lipsticks- Rs.475/-
4. Pure Stay Eyeshadows- Rs. 649/-
5. Pure Stay Oil Free Foundations- Rs. 595/-
6. Pure Stay Compacts- Rs. 595/-

Anything that I missed? Let me know. And if you have used any of these tell me what you think about them too! :)


  1. ya u r right.. :( i was eyeing revlon lip butters for long and its priced at 600 rupees..! :( and eye tatoos .... i swatched it and found it good. :( and it seems the lipsticks from this lotus range are too good.. 550/- or so..

  2. @ voiceofrm- I seriously wanted to try the Lip Butters. :(
    You got the Color Tattoos and Lotus Lipsticks? Why don't you do a review on those as a guest post here? :)
    And I don't think it will be possible for me to get them..either way I don't wear shadows and lipsticks that much.. Got Baby Lips! :)


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