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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Colorbar Indian Eye Kohl/Kajal Review and Swatches!

Hey guys! Hope you liked my previous post on the little diy I did.

Today I am going to review an eye kohl or let us better call it our kajal by Colorbar. This was my first product from the brand Colorbar USA. I had got this from  last October and I have used it since then.

Price:- I'd got it for Rs.125/- (but I guess it is now for Rs.150/-)

What it claims:-
Colorbar Kajal is smooth to apply and gives the eyes a dramatic jet black color

What I think about this:-
First I'd like to talk about the super sexy packaging of this Kajal! I LOVE how cool it looks. I like it's packaging more than the Colossal Kajal's yellow packaging. Although this one need to be sharpened and the Colossal one comes with a twist-up packaging.I have used this for probably a year now (you can tell, it's size has reduced. It was as long as the box) and its really a good and jet-black kajal. It is a fat Kajal pencil like the NYX Jumbo Pencils.
 It is really smooth to apply so no tugging near the eyes. It has a very slight smell of a typical Kajal which I don't think will be a problem for anyone.
The only thing I don't like about this is that it smudges on your waterline and doesn't last long. It smudges in 3-4 hours! I remember I always used to wipe the bottom of my waterline to see if it has smudged or not. Other than that it is a good pencil and I think we can make it work with applying a back eyeshadow on top of this to make it last longer (I'll try this and let you know). And it is definitely better than the Lakme Kajal (not referring to the Eyeconic one, the other Lakme Kajal).

when smudged after 1 minute of swatching :(

1. very black
2. smooth and creamy, hence easy application
3. packaging is good and sturdy
4. inexpensive
5. doesn't irritate the waterline

1. needs to be sharpened (not a problem for me)
2. smudges within 3-4 hours
3. not a good idea to use it as an eyeliner

Will I repurchase it?:- No, I love my Colossal Kajal which is way better than this and now want to try the Eyeconic one. :)


  1. Nice review dear.. i had this smudging problem with almost all the fat khol pencils. :( i use colossal now and am eyeing the eyeconic one from lakme. have u tried the Lakme khol?? the one with golden color designs on them?? i forgot its name but it had some what good staying power..

  2. @ voiceofrm- Glad you liked the review.
    I haven't used that Lakme one you are referring to. I also use Colossal and want to get the Eyeconic one. But it was out of stock at the Beauty Centre, Crawford Market. :(


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