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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Blush as an Eye shadow???!!!

Hey everyone!!

How's everything going??!!
Yeah you guessed it write from the title...I have used my blush as an eye shadow here(and lightly applied black matte shadow in the crease)!!
And I like the result..its looks so subtle and pretty..can be worn on festive occasions!
I have used my V.O.V. Blush which I have reviewed already.

What do ya think of this look??  :D


  1. I love this! It looks great:) You'd never even know it was blush! Definitely going to try this look <3

  2. looking awesome.. :) post after a long time.. :)

  3. @ beeautifullybroken : Yeah..ts a pretty dull rose blush with fine gold shimmer..looks great as a shadow..

    @ Rajalakshmi Murali : Yeah..posting after a long time! :D

  4. Hii! Just stumbled across your post! Love the idea of using your blush as eye shadow. I remember the days, waaaaaay back when, when we used to smear a bit of lipstick as eye or maybe no one really did that but my friends and I :)

  5. @ HalaalPepperoni : Hi!! I too remember using lipstick as a shadow!! Almost everyone have done that!! Especially during school functions.. :D

  6. I love it! You applied it very well! It's a good way to recycle make-up an I would have never guessed it was a blush!

  7. @ Nail Stories: Thanx a lot!! I love your blog.. :D

  8. i do many time just the opposite.... eyeshadow as blush......... i have many shadows... bt i am miser to spend for blushes.... so i use pink, peach or coral shadows as blush...

  9. @ Ani : I am more into blushes..and so have less eyeshadows!

    @ bhumika : Thanx a lot!! :-)


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