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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Outfit Inspiration- Travel (Flight) Outfits!

Hey there ladies...

I hope everything is going great with you all.. I am currently in a very excited state of mind since I am going out on a week-long vacation to the colder parts of India far away from this heat.. :)

So obviously..I was looking for some inspiration as we'll be going by flights, this is my 3rd time going by a flight, before that me and my family used to travel near by places.. But it's my 1st time when we'll change flights to reach our location, which when I got to know from my mum, I kind of freaked out..(yeah, weird me).
And that to as to add a cherry on the top, there is a time gap off 3 freaking hours between the 2 flights!! I am all ready with playlist on my Xperia and 2 novels this time! :D

Okay, so back to the main topic of outfits which are appropriate and comfortable to be worn in long flights or when you have a situation of changing flights like me..!

I like this outfit, all comfortable things, loafers-easy to walk around the airport, comfy pants and top and denim jacket to keep you warm, and a good bag.

Who says we can't have fun at airports, Loved this grey cardigan, cute top and bold red flats outfit!

Here's another colorful yet simple and comfy outfit.

Always, keep a good scarf with on flight. You never know when the need arises.

Go for basic t-shirts with cute cardigans or light sweaters, a bag and wedges..also you can add a nice necklace!

One can go for cute long-sleeved t-shirts, or layer them. Go for comfortable bottoms and bag big enough to carry your essentials.

I am going to do more travel outfit posts! :)


  1. After stumbling onto your blog, I found this in perfect timing: I'm flying tomorrow! I didn't know I wanted outfit inspiration for a flight but I'm glad I found it:) Thanks!

  2. @Terah- Glad you found my post useful and like it. Thanks!


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