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Monday, May 6, 2013

Nivea Olive and Lemon Lip Balm Review!!

Hey guys! :)
So today I am going to review yet another Nivea Chapstick! I have also reviewed the Nivea MED Protection Lip Balm.

Here is the ingredient list and other details.

Price: Rs.159/-

Packaging: It comes in the typical Nivea packaging just the cap changes as always! Since it's

What I think about it:
It is a nice clear lip-balm which soothes my lips whenever they are dry or irritated. Smells like olives..(kind of) and is really moisturizing, not at all sticky or heavy.
The quantity is quite good and I love it seriously! I also use it at night before sleeping, keeps my lips soft till the morning.
So yeah, I don't have any bad things to say about this! I love it and prefer this over the MED protection one I have reviewed.  :)

Will I repurchase it?: 
Mostly yes..but we have so many options, I'd like to try new products. 

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