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Monday, May 6, 2013

"Reader Request" Outfit Inspiration- Petite fashion!

Hey guys, I was thinking of doing an Outfit Inspiration Post since I haven't done one in a while and I am constantly looking for outfit ideas on Pinterest as I am building up my wardrobe (that doesn't mean I have started earning haha).

Today I got a request to do such a post for Petite ladies. Here's what it says:
"what should I wear im petite 44ft 10inches yet my waits is 30.. help me to dresss pleaseeeeee"

I would like to tell you girl that I am no tall and sexy model type (haha), my height is I think is around 5'2" or 5'3", my waist being almost 32 (almost because 32 fits me little loose but 30 I was probably 4 years ago and that's too tight on my waist now) and I am not fat so I am considering you are as well..just short which may make you look a little plump.

Now one may ask "What do you need to qualify as petite?" There’s no law out there (yet, haha) but the hard and fast rule is you are considered petite if you are 5’4″ and under. So that means...I am petite too (viola! I didn't know!) I thought petite is someone who is tiny in height and skinny as well which I am not. 

 So here's your wish fulfilled dear (although I would have appreciated if you'd mentioned your name.)

I have some points along with images (and their sources, check out the sites too for more) you can consider while dressing.
equestrian print skirt
                         Try to wear outfits where you show off your waist, use belts, go for skirts which will give more flare and shape to your body and sinch in the waist as in above's outfit.

Play with prints and colors, go for dark wash jeans if you are heavy on the lower part. I wear both dark wash and light wash jeans, you can too. Don't be scared to experiment, just keep trying you'll eventually find what looks best on you. :)

If you are a working lady, nice fitting pencil skirts are great option which again will accentuate your waist. Go for well tailored looking and colorful shirts like the one above. Add a blazer for more dimension. If not skirts go for high-waisted trousers. Don't forget the heels!

jcpenney mng by mango scarf knit grey tank, delias morgan white skinny jeans, gap brown leather belt, sole society marco santi nude patent pumps, louis vuitton speedy 25, zara hot pink pique blazer
Start simple if you are not so sure, get some basic t-shirts that are well fitting though not too tight. I prefer getting such t-shirts from Malls, like where they have offers like 3 for Rs.399/- or Rs.499/- and you can try on and see.
Once you have your basics right, bring in some fun layering pieces.

Go all black, play with strips, add a statement piece in bold color. The pic is Pretty self-explanatory right? Stripes are awesome way of adding a fun element to any outfit and can make one look leaner.

Bored of the Blue jeans? GO COLOR!
Get some really cool colored pants and pair them with basic tops and you are good to go! Get a dark maroon like shown or dark green if not sure of going for bolds like reds.

Checkout this article-

3 Genius Style Tips For Petite Girls, Courtesy Of

I hope this post helped you, I have some more Outfit Inspiration posts planned so keep an eye for them too since we have kinda same body type. :)


  1. i love the shoes in all the pictures...!! nice post...

  2. Hey thanks..I am glad you liked the post. :)


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