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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Black-Grey Smokey Eye Look!

Hey there guys!

I am doing an eye look after months if I am not wrong. I was just bored sitting at home and to top it my mood wasn't good. So I decided to try an eye-look. Now, I don't have any eyeshadow pallete left or should I say haven't bought any in a while. Then I decided to try it with whatever I have and the first thought that came to my mind was of doing a smokey eye! I never really do dramatic looks so I was more excited to one!

And..I am also going to post a tutorial of this! :) My first (or is it second?) tutorial!! 

(p.s.- kindly ignore my eyebrows, I need to get something that'll make them better.)

 These two photos are my favourite! :D

What do you think about this look? I like how it turned out without using any eyeshadow or primer. :) Tutorial and products used coming up soon! :D


  1. gorgeous..! i always feel black as the most beautiful color for eyes.. waiting for the tutorial ..

  2. Thanks Rajalakshmi! :) Posting the review.


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