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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Maybelline Lip Smooth In Mandarin, Strawberry and Dolly Rose Review and Swatches!

Hey everyone!

So today I am going to review a product which I have been using for more that a year now and I realized it today that I haven't reviewed it at all! It is the Maybelline Lip Smooths. Initially I'd bought two of them in Mandarin and Strawberry and after using them for some time I ordered a 3rd one in Dolly Rose. So why only a photo of the Mandarin one?
Because one of my friends destroyed the Dolly Rose one (she twisted out all the chapstick and then it didn't go inside and broke) and the Strawberry one met the same fate but this time I was checking how much is left.. :( So I depotted them both in an empty lip balm jar.

Price- Rs.99/-

What I think about them-
I know you guys might have seen tons of reviews of these lip smooths but I thought I'll add mine too.
I bought them after reading reviews on IMBB and Mandarin was something I wanted. I LOVED all of these..they moisturise your lips without the waxy and heavy feeling. And they also give a very pretty sheen and tint to your lips. I have religiously used the Mandarin one for a while now. The same would have been the case with the other two if they were still intact. You can see there is a whole in my mandarin one in the photo. I carry this everyday to college with me.
But I think they do give a little bit of sticky feeling. Otherwise I loved them, but now I am more addicted to my Nivea Fruity Shine in Pink Guava.

Here are the swatches of all the 3 lip smooths. Strawberry and Dolly Rose may look similar in swatches but the Dolly Rose one gives a more pretty and bright pink tint than the Strawberry one.

 And this how I keep the Dolly Rose and Strawberry in a pot. I could save very little amount of the Dolly Rose one and it was the newest and probably my favourite amongst the three. :(

1. Light on lips
2. Moisturises well
3. Gives pretty tint
4. Pocket friendly
5. Nice and cute packaging
6. Stays on for 3-4 hours

1. Applying too much can give a slight sticky feeling
2. The twist-up thing may not work properly as it happened with me.

Will I repurchase them?- I was going to, but now I am more eager to get the Baby Lips and more of Nivea Fruity Shines.

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