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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Black-Grey Smokey Eye Look Tutorial!

Hey guys!
So here is the tutorial of the Black-Grey Smokey Eye Look I did in the previous post. I haven't used any eyeshadow here. So what have I used?

Products used:-
1. Garnier tinted eye roll-on (as concealer and primer)
2. Lakme Rose powder  (to smudge the harsh edges of eyeshadow)
3. Colorbar Indian Eye Kohl (as a black base)
4. Miss Claire Cake eyeliner in Black (it's a powder eyeliner which I used as a shadow)
5. Miss Claire Eyeliner Pencil in Graphite (to add little shimmer and grey color)
6. Maybelline Colossal Kajal (to tightline and on waterline)
7. Just Candy Black Liquid Liner
8. Maybelline Hyper Curl Volum Express Mascara

1. First I started with a clean moisturized face. Then used my eye-roll on as a concealer and primer.

2. Then used Lakme Rose Powder on it.

3. Here, I applied the Colorbar Eye Kohl on my lid so that whatever we apply next will have a good base.

4. Using an eyeshadow brush smudged the eye kohl.

5. Now applied the Miss Claire Cake eyeliner over the kohl.
Then taking the Miss Claire Eyeliner Pencil in Graphite, I applied it in the inner corner of the eyes and also the inner half. So we get a little grey shimmer.
I again tapped some black shadow (cake eyeliner) to darken it and in the crease.
Smudge any harsh lines!
6. Then tightlined my eyes, used the cake eyeliner on outer half of my lower line and added Graphite over it.

7. Then added mascara, did a winged eyeliner, smudged any harsh lines and we are done! :)

Do tell me your thoughts about the tutorial and whether you'd like more. :)


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