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Saturday, July 28, 2012

HUGE Beauty Haul!!

Hey everyone!! Anything cool or interesting on with you guys? I have an interesting haul to show you guys, I haven't got all this stuff in a day or even a week..this haul is pending since last 2-3 months. As you guys might know I had my birthday in April and I had also done a 'wish-list' post (I can't get all the things obviously). 

The all Maybelline things that I got recently (from Beauty Centre of course) after saving up my pocket money, I was so excited to get them and there are some skin prodcuts as well. The lip balms are probably something I got in May or April and the Faces blushes I got from The nail art pens are from Beauty Centre, Crawford Market. 


  1. Great haul do tell abt the maybelline makeup remover and the blush....

  2. I love that Makeup Remover!! I got it for the 2nd time, it removes every bit of eye makeup including mascara!
    I'd done a review of it some time back, but if you want I'll do a detailed review again.
    Here's the link-


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