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Friday, July 6, 2012

Outfit Inspiration-Casual Everyday Outfit!!

Hey everyone!!!
I am not going to bore you guys with how and why I haven't posted anything, college, that single word says it all!
So I wanted to do some post and thought why not an outfit inspiration type post, since I am sort of getting into cool clothes and all that. Otherwise my style if you ask has always been 'comfy' and not that stylish at all..
So here are some ideas for casual everyday wear to college and any other place..not work I suppose.
Many of these are from my account on Pinterest. I "pin" a LOT!!
You guys can check that out too. My Pinterest-

Basic, simple and... red! by kendilea, via Flickr 

botanical gardens-2 :: wendy's lookbook
coolNavy & Olive - Wendy's Lookbook

Do tell me if I should do more of these posts!! Would love to do more!!

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  1. great inspirations. I'm gravitating towards the second one. Love the sandals wid cuffed jeans


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