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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Anherb Natural Milk and Honey Nourishing (Night) Cream Review!

Hey guys!
So today I am reviewing another product that I own from the brand Anherb Naturals. And if you read my blog, you’ll know I have already reviewed two other products from this brand and have explained about how I got it and where it is available and all that. I have their links in the end of this post. Definitely check that out too!

And I threw the packaging/box in which this thing came so I don’t have all those details about this. It comes in a tub form which might be a problem for some. But Anherb Natural Milk and Honey Nourishing Cream is a great night cream, it can be used otherwise but the SA at the counter showed it to us(me and my mom) and started convincing us to buy this and voila we were! That’s nothing new for us right?! She told it’s a perfect night cream. Read on to find how this one flared.

Price: It was something around 200INR or less..

What are my thoughts about this?
Okay..I am getting straight into this and telling you I LOVE this cream! It was initially for my mom, who doesn’t take care of herself when it comes to skincare..and then every night or morning I keep asking her whether she’d applied a moisturizer, blah..blah..blah.. And I didn’t start using this the time we got this, but I whenever I’d apply any face mask I’ll use this on my face after removing the mask. And I usually apply face masks at night after dinner, don’t know why but I guess I like to see the glow on my face the other morning. So while using this cream I realized it can be used as a great massage cream since it has very good consistency. It is really soft and spreads on skin like a dream. I started using this during the winters after washing my face every night.

And I have dry to normal skin, goes on the dry side during winters. And I am also using this during summer but use very tiny amount since I tend to sweat a lot and my face get shiny pretty fast although not oily. And I have never tried it in the morning as I know it’ll make my face shiny. :P
So even if you have oily skin you can use this during night. Even a very little amount works well and it soothes my skin.

Will I buy this again?: Yes for sure! It lasts a long way too!!! Available at the Beauty Center, Crawford Market.

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