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Monday, May 21, 2012

Pretty Pink NOTW!

Hey guys, so I had these pictures in my laptop for maybe over two weeks now..and I thought to post it today! And NOTW as in Nails Of The Week, I thought of changing it from NOTD to that because I usually paint my nails once or twice a week and not more than that..just thought of explaining you know. ;)

I got this nail polish from the Beauty Center, Crawford Market and its from some brand called Personi..weird name I know! It was for 30INR and I liked the shade and I was sort of in the hunt for some pick nail polishes (and the hunt is still going on).
Its a dull muted pink color and I think will go with every skintone.


  1. @Sahar- Yeah, I think the same! I grab this when I don't know which one to wear. ;)


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