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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

DIY- Glitter Hair Clips/Pins!

Hey guys!

So here's a cool and very simple DIY I tried yesterday. I was getting my daily dose of Pinterest and came across this certain pin which said 'add some glitter to your life' and it had SO many diy's to add some glitter to things we wouldn't even have imagined! I wanted to do one of those and decided to do the easiest one which was to make our boring bobby pins and clips glittery! :D

Here is the original post from which I took the inspiration. 

Things I used-
1. Old Glitter Nail Polishes
2. Top Coat
3. Newspaper (to keep the clips on and paint)

Here are the step-by-step photos.

 Above are the boring black hair-clips. I decided to do the diy on clips rather than on the bobby pins.

 One pair I used the Dark Glitter Polish with red glitter. In above picture the left clip has two coats of the polish and the right one has only one coat.

 Taa-daa!!! This is how they look!! One pair with red glitter and other with silver almost pink glitter! What do you guys think about my small DIY??
Below is the photo of how they look in my hair! :D

Have you guys tried any such cool DIY's and loved the results? :)


  1. Looks gr8 :D will try it out.
    xoxo <3

  2. @Shanaya Sinner- Thanks! Definitely try it and I would love to see the results! :)

  3. hey that's damn cool dear.. i have some useless glitter nail paints with me that dont look good on nails.. will try this with those...

  4. @voiceofrm- Thanks dear! I am in DIY mood this month! You are going to get some more diy posts. :)


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