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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Outfits Inspiration- Back to Basics!!

Hey guys!
I was getting a feeling of doing a post or something these past two days, have lot of college work to do but then huh, we all need a break after a very hectic week!

So as you might know from my previous Outfits Inspiration Posts that I am really (really really) getting into fashion and all that, and by that I mean I watch more of outfits videos, fashion hauls and stuff like that on Youtube! From Youtube, I remember gawd, those girls on Youtube shop SO much!  (When will I, God?)
 I already have a "wish-list" of things I want and need to buy (I lack lot of essentials in my wardrobe) and come Diwali and I'll be going crazy!! Heehee!! :D

And obviously to build a wish-list, I have collected some pictures of the things I want. So here's the Back To Basics with just the photo inspiration! I will do a detailed "Wardrobe Essentials Post" since I have watched lot of those videos too! :D

I really need to get some plain white t-shirts!! I have really less white and no plain t-shirts! They can be worn in SO many ways, now I know thanks to those Youtube babes! (I am getting a feeling of doing a "My Favourite Youtuber's to watch" video, what say??)

And I want to go Cardigan hunting once this super hectic September gets over (I have all final submissions this month. Weep!!). I am going to hoard Black, Grey and pretty colored ones! )

And I LOVE long-sleeve tops in solid colors, but I think I have only one grey one. And we seriously can't wear them if they are thick rest of the time here in India! Why God, why is it so hot over here??!!

What are your fashion essentials guys? Any fashion idol or something? :D

Thanks for reading! :)


  1. nice post... the first pic from Love Maegan right?? <3


  2. These simple looking cardigans are so difficult to find! Do let us know if you find any such thing in Mumbai.

  3. @marathiweddings: Yeah, i agree these cardigans are so hard to find in Mumbai!! :(
    But I have planned lots of shopping with friends so hopefully will find something! :)


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