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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Wardrobe Essentials Part-1!

Hello guys! Surprised how I am not posting on a weekend and on a weekday?!!  :P
I sort got over with an important subject's work, feeling SO relieved! And guess what..I did a small (very small) shopping today! :)

Okay, so like I have mentioned in my 'Outfits Inspiration-Back to Basics' post that I will be doing a detailed post on things every girl should have in her wardrobe. Okay here, may be I am not considering younger school going girls, since that is the growing age and we grow out of our clothes really fast.
So this is more for once we get to our present body type or when we stop growing.

And I came across this quote on Pinterest and that's true! I used to dress really in a boring way before but FINALLY I have realised that I need to prep up my style (and that's what I've been doing nowadays).

I thought of doing this post in parts so that we don't miss anything and it doesn't become one of the posts with photos only.
So Part-1 is about very very basic essentials:-

1. Well fitting and comfy Inner Wear:
Well we all know what I am talking about. Every girl should own several pairs of fresh, well-fitting and comfortable bras and panties. Then again you can get the various types in that too. But they should always be to size and not too loose or tight.

2. Camisoles to wear underneath shear clothes:
The next important thing is a camisole in black, white and nude colors are must. They are good for layering or wearing under any shear top or even during hot summers go for cotton camisoles. They can be with thin straps or like a tank top.

3. Comfortable Pajamas and loose t-shirts:
Now this one I just thought of mentioning. One should have a comfortable pair  of pajamas or track pants or shorts with t-shirts to wear at home and as sleeping clothes.

4. Tank Tops-
Tank tops can be worn either on its own or layered with a cardigan, blazer, shirt and in many other ways. One should have various colors of these!

5. V-neck T-shirts:
Now again if tank tops are not your thing one can go for simple v-neck t-shirts. They look good on everybody and can be layered like tank tops. Black and white are a must! Then one can go for other colors.(I am going to buy some soon, don't have any!)

6.Dark Wash Jeans:
Jeans is something we all love wearing (okay, some may not).
Every girl should have a nice pair of dark wash jeans, and it can skinny jeans or straight-cut or even bell-bottomed. Then you can go for other shades of denim, light washed, black and so on.

Trousers give a very nice sophisticated look to any outfit. Black and grey is a must. It should not be tight like skinny jeans. These are perfect for office wear over white shirt and a blazer! :)

So those are the ones I thought are very basic and I'll continue the list in another part. Don't want this to be a super long post.
And also feel free to add anything you thing is very very basic if I have missed anything out.
And also what you think about this post. :)

Beingpretty :)

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