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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Trends I am LOVING- Studs!!

Hey guys! 
How's your weekend coming up? I was glad to know that some of you liked my previous post. As you might know that I am always searching for some fashion inspiration to get some basics in my wardrobe. I came across this one trend which I think is so cool and everyone can wear it depending on our individual personalities. The trend I am talking about is STUDS!! 

Yeah, studded stuff is everywhere,atleast on the Blogosphere and Pinterest if not that much in India (arghhh!!). But if we are lucky enough to lay our hands on any of these beauties or something similar to these we should not leave a chance!! :D
We can see studded pants (details, of course), on hand bags (I have seen studded bags!!, where do they get them?), shoes- be it flats like loafers, converse or even heels, to jacket or shirt collars and even studded nails!! :O :D
So here are some things which are my picks from this trend, I would love to get something with studs but something subtle. Take your own pick!
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So cool!! Isn't it?? :)

I am in love with these studded converse and loafers!!! WANT!!

I guess I have seen a girl in my college with a black bag with studs!! :O
LOVED this one!

So do you guys have anything with studs? Do you have any idea where I'll get studded things in Mumbai? I am thinking about Colaba Causeway (not sure though),will be going there in few weeks! Yay! You are going to get a fashion or accessories haul soon! :D

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