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Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Hey everyone!!
I know..I am doing a post after a month or so..but there were many things which kept me busy..and I am still.. But while browsing through some pictures I came across these pics which I had taken..maybe a month back? So I thought of doing this post!

I like this pink V.O.V. nail polish!! Its such a pretty and fun colour!!'s the NOTD!!
And a small nail polish "haul" coming up next!! :D

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  2. looks lovely

  3. looks cute :)but you know what i always have bad experience with VOV. They chip so soon for me.. :(

  4. @ Sahar: Thanx!!
    @Rajalakshmi: Yeah..VOV don't last that long.. but I haven't reached that stage yet..when I'd buy expensive nail polishes..this one I got some time before..
    Which are your favourite brands for polishes?? Any Indian brands?

  5. @being pretty: Its like for black, reds and other dark formal colors i prefer revlon and lakme 9 to 5 range. for ligher and sheer colors like peach etc i prefer elle and lakme. for fun colors like neons etc i prefer vov :)apart frm those i'm yet to come across a good & affordable brand. :(


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