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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Review_VOV Beaute Pencil Eyeliner in Black!

So here's a liner I was using for such a long time and I never reviewed it!! Even the pictures are from my previous cam which was stolen!! RIP my dear cam.. :'(
Ok..I know I am bad at doing reviews and posts on time..blame it on college life... :D

I got VOV kohl eyeliner probably a year ago..I think I got this for somewhere near 100 INR or less..don't remember see!!

-Its waterline safe..and that's how I was using this all this while..(yes..I have got something better now!!)
-Stays on for good 4-5 hours..I guess..and even when it starts fading it doesn't smudge thats a good thing!!
-Its a cheapo!! College girls (read like me!) can definitely go for this!!
-The pigmentation is pretty good...
-It glides tugging required!

Cons? I don't think there are any..what else you expect in such a price!! Its a budget buy!!! :D
Swatches below! :)


  1. ha nice review... will definitely try this one.. all along i'm using khol pencil and it smudges like hell :(

  2. Yeah, this one's good! Have you tried the Maybelline Colossal kajal?


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