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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Small Nail Polish Haul and swatches!! here's a really small nail polish haul.. (that rhymed!! lol!!)
I got these tiny polishes in october..during the diwali time.. And I was glad to get two glitter polishes since they are so much 'in'!! Again..these are from local brands..not that great polishes.. I am planning a nice "wishlist" for my feel free to suggest your favourite (don't forget affordable) nail polish brands!!

So now on to the haul..the pink glitter polish you'll see is really shear..transparent. Its looks good when used on some other polish. So I also have shown how it'll look on a cute bubble pink nail polish and how it looks without any polish under it!

the pink glitter polish worn on a pink nail polish looks good! :)

the pink glitter polish worn on its own..


  1. glitters luk fun!! :D u can try shades from colorbar. its really nice and good too :D

  2. Hey thanx Rajalakshmi for your suggestion. Will try Colorbar nail polishes! :)


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