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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Yardley London Deo, Ponds White Beauty,etc Haul!!

I am doing haul after so many days..(or did I do it recently??).. well..I don't remember actually.. This is a small skincare products haul which I purchased from my local supermarket.

It consists of:
- Ponds Age Miracle Day Cream (for my mom actually!!)
- Krack Happy Feet Moisturiser
-Yardley London 'Lace' Deodorant
-Ponds White Beauty Cream (this one's for me!)
-Vaseline Healthy White Triple Lightning (for my hands)

Reviews coming up soon!! I am already loving Ponds White Beauty! :D

aww..look how creamy and 'pink' the ponds age miracle cream looks!! :D

Have you used any of these products?? What were your experiences? 

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