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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Something about ME.... you guys know I am always trying to make my blog better..and I did so many changes today as well...
But what I feel is that I only just do posts with very less written matter and more of if photos make a post good!! I am gonna share my words,my feelings...and I think that's why people do blogging right?
And this post is gonna be "a-no-photo-post"!! LOL!!! about me..I am a student and hence can't afford much of makeup, I can't just go on buying things...I have to save to get something.. And I recently understood that I love Nail Polish more than makeup!!! Isn't it funny?!!! :D
And I can easily get nail a matter of fact-I do buy nail polishes every 1or2 weeks!! So I guess my followers will get more on nail paints on my blog now onwards!! Yay!!! I already follow so many nail polish blogs!! And I just love them!! I love the colours of various nail paints!!! And if you are wondering why I am not doing any reviews/hauls..its not that I have stopped buying things...(thats not possible!!! haha!!) I actually got a new camera and it is not yet installed on my I am not able to get the photos from there..and hence my lack of posts(sorry for that)...but I promise!! I'll install it and you'll get some really good hauls, reviews and don't forget...NOTD's as well!!!!

And I want you guys to tell me what else should I do posts about on my blog..
Well..I was thinking about something like 'daily (or should I say) weekly beauty tips' or something like that?
What say? I think thats a good idea...I'll get some knowledge and I will pass that to you people through my blog!!!

Thats it!! Thanks for reading!!! Thanks for bearing me!!! :D

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