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Saturday, May 14, 2011

My Street Wear Makeup Brush Set!!!

Hey everyone!! Finally here's my Street Wear brush set I got 2-3 months back!!! I got them for 100INR. Thats a steal I know!! I was surprised myself!! I was wondering of getting few brushes...and I came across this!!
It contains 5 basic brushes.The quality is good..and I love them!! After all thats my 1st brush set!! ;)
Frequently used brushes amongst them are...obviously the big blush brush, thin eyeliner brush for gel liner and eyeshadow brush! Haven't used that cute applicator yet...don't wanna ruin it..its so cute and pink!! Haha!!!

the complete brush set

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blush/powder brush 

eyeliner brush

eyeshadow brush

two-sided eyeshadow applicator

comb-cum-brush for eyebrows and lashes

Thanks for reading!! :)


  1. Hi.... I badly want this set. Can u let me know where can i find this??
    Thanks in advance

  2. I got this one from a store in Chembur called Shringar.
    I think you can get a set like this from Beauty Centre also.. Or checkout, they have brush sets and it's a good site!


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