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Friday, February 24, 2012

February Haul!!

Hey everyone!!
So here's a small haul..and it is my FIRST haul of 2012!!! Can be called a mini Nivea Haul too! :P I got a Jergens moisteriser, Nivea deo (got that nivea gloss in 'pink sugar' free!! Yay!!) and Nivea Med Protection Lip balm/ chapstick? Whatever it is... :-D
And I am already loving that chapstick!! You'll get a review soon!! :-)


  1. @ bhumika: I am loving it too!! ;-)

  2. nice haul... :)i love nivea products very much

  3. nice haul.. i love nivea products very much... why my comment gets disappearing??

  4. @voiceofrm: Your comment is visible dear! :)
    I live nivea too! Especially their lipbalms!


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